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Ideal for independent learners or students at campus lab. No Internet connection needed.


Ideal for independent learners or students at campus lab. No Internet connection needed.

General Information

  • Educo Flash drive is a powerful stand-alone system that comes loaded with highly interactive and engaging course materials that run on a network environment as well as on a standalone pc or laptop and requires no internet service.
  • It is a convenient plug and play learning solution that can be used in any number of computers.
  • Educo flash drives license is valid for one full academic year (varies from course to course).
  • License can be renewed online or by contacting the support.
  • Educo Flash drives can be purchased from under self-learning portal. Partners/promoters can buy and manage FDs in bulk right from their login page. Institutions can send bulk orders through our local distributor.
  • It usually takes 2/3 business days to get the drives by mail.


  • A single, integrated package of structured content.
  • Learn concepts through interactive tutorials with dynamic graphics.
  • Reinforce learning through algorithmically generated examples.
  • Multiple options Practice sheet: Test your skills in practice as well as timed or untimed test mode. Hundreds of questions to try until you get perfect score.

Courses Available and Demos

Title Download Table of Contents Watch Demo's
Grades 1 to 3 Maths
Grades 1 to 3 English
Grade 4 Math
Grades 4 Science
Grade 4 English
Grade 5 Math
Grade 5 Science
Grade 5 English
GSAT MATH (4-6 Grade)
GSAT Science (4-6 Grade)
GSAT English (4-6 Grade)
Grade 7 Math
Grade 7 Science
Grade 7 English
Grade 8 Math
Grade 8 Science
Grade 8 English
Grade 9 Math
Grade 9 Science
Grade 9 English
Grade 10 Math
Grade 11 Math (CXC Prep)

System Requirements

  • PC or laptop.
  • Win XP, Win-7, Win-8.
  • USB Port

About EducoSoft

Educo International Inc. (Educo) was founded by
Dr. Man M. Sharma in 1985 to provide quality education tools, products, and services globally.

Our Vision is to provide quality education solutions accessible anytime, anywhere Internet service is available.