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The whole curriculum in a tiny Flash Drive

Educo has launched a new concept of Flash Drive loaded with complete curriculum for teaching, learning, and assessment, all integrated and locked in this Flash Drive. Focus is on Mathematics, Sciences, and English Language Arts. It is being launched in four countries simultaneously: US, Jamaica, India, and Philippines.

Educo President, Dr. Manmohan Sharma, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics was invited by the National Jamaican Association of High School Principals on June 7 in Kingston, Jamaica to Demonstrate the power of this tiny drive. Seven Prominent Jamaican high schools decide to implement its use from September 2013.

Private Entrepreneurs are welcome to join as promoters. Contact: 011-45553888 in India, and 1-800-96-educo ext 117 in US and other countries, Ext 144 in Delhi India, and Ext 143 in Bangalore India.

To see its power, please click here or on Flash Drive link from Educosoft Products page.

Jamaican Community Colleges started using Educosoft learning portal

After serving several US institutions for the last 20+ years, Educosoft e-learning portal is becoming the choice for Jamaican community colleges. Dr. Sharma was invited by the Jamaican Association of Community Colleges to demonstrate the power of Educosoft e-learning portal on June 11 2013. Two community faculty is now being trained to start teaching in web-enhanced mode all the courses of Mathematics offered.

Educo has launched new Self Learning Portal for Schools

All the content including powerful teaching resources and student learning resources for Mathematic, Sciences, and English Language are now available through Self Learning Portal of Educosoft. Parent can purchase access for 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 months for a very small price. It serves as a digital library at home or in School.

About EducoSoft

Educo International Inc. (Educo) was founded by
Dr. Man M. Sharma in 1985 to provide quality education tools, products, and services globally.

Our Vision is to provide quality education solutions accessible anytime, anywhere Internet service is available.