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View system requirements to ensure your system is configured to use EducoSoft.

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Please review System Requirements below to ensure that your system is configured to use Educosoft.

EducoSoft supports the following operating systems and browser configurations:

Operating Systems Browsers* Screen Resolution
PC Windows 10
Windows 7

Windows 10
Chrome 49 or newer
Firefox 45 or newer
Microsoft Edge
IE 11 or newer

Latest Chrome
Minimum recommended screen resolution:
1024 X 768
PC Linux Firefox 45 or newer Minimum recommended screen resolution:
1024 X 768
Mac Macintosh OS X Chrome 49 or newer
Firefox 45 or newer

Recommended :
Latest Chrome
Minimum recommended screen resolution:
1024 X 768
Tablet/smart Phone Android Latest Puffin N/A
iPad/iphone iOS Latest Puffin N/A
The machine also requires latest pdf reader installed.
Browser popup blocker should be configured to allow popup from ‘’

Download Browsers

If you have earlier versions of these browsers, you can download a newer version from the appropriate website:

Go to for Internet Explorer
Go to for Mozilla Firefox
Go to for Google Chrome

Connection speed

EducoSoft requires an Internet connection with a minimum connection speed of 56 kbps (kilobits per second) but high speed connections (such as DSL, Broadband or T1) are highly recommended

Pop Up Blocker

You must disable your pop-up blocker when using EducoSoft or allow pop-ups for the domain

Browser settings

Cookies and Javascript options

EducoSoft uses both cookies and JavaScript technology. Both of these features must be turned on in your browser, and are usually turned on by default. See your browser's Help for instructions on how to view or change these browser options.

Additional software

To view pdf contents, you will need to download and install additional software.

  1. Adobe Reader Download needed to view some contents/documents in pdf format

About EducoSoft

Educo International Inc. (Educo) was founded by
Dr. Man M. Sharma in 1985 to provide quality education tools, products, and services globally.

Our Vision is to provide quality education solutions accessible anytime, anywhere Internet service is available.