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Extensive learning activities, powerful assessment system and comprehensive LMS with communication and collaboration tools.


Title Download Size
Educosoft Overview Click to download Educosoft Overview brochure 612 KB
Educosoft Structured Learning Cycle Click to download Educosoft Structured Learning Cycle brochure 524 KB
Educosoft Master Section Click to download Educosoft Master Section brochure 556 KB
EducoSoft Online Gradebook Click to download EducoSoft Online Gradebook brochure 562 KB
EducoSoft-Assessment Click to download EducoSoft-Assessment brochure 675 KB
Educosoft Collaboration Tools Click to download Educosoft Collaboration Tools brochure 854 KB
Educosoft Tracking and Reporting Click to download Educosoft Tracking and Reporting brochure 677 KB
EducoSoft-Adaptive_Learning Click to download EducoSoft-Adaptive_Learning brochure 645 KB
Educosoft-Co-Requisite-Model Click to download Educosoft-Co-Requisite-Model brochure 495 KB
Educosoft Co-requisite-course-structure Click to download Educosoft Co-requisite-course-structure brochure 406 KB

About EducoSoft

Educo International Inc. (Educo) was founded by
Dr. Man M. Sharma in 1985 to provide quality education tools, products, and services globally.

Our Vision is to provide quality education solutions accessible anytime, anywhere Internet service is available.