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Open Math Lab

24/7 access to large library of Math resources with complete adaptive system in place for review and mastery of Math concepts from Basic to Calculus III.

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Educo OPEN MATH LAB offers a unique solution for school/colleges and students to have on-campus digital library of Math resources. OPEN MATH LAB is a complete system where students can review and master math concepts with system guided instructions. The system diagnoses student's current skill level and guide students through a personalized lesson plan and lead them towards mastery of the skills they need more focus.

1. Learning activities organized by chapter and topics

  • Tutorial for every topic
  • Several set of examples for each topic with step-by-step solutions

2. Chapter diagnostic test, Topic Quiz , Chapter Master Test

  • Chapter diagnostics measures knowledge gap in all concepts within a chapter
  • Quizzes are for each topic within each chapter
  • Chapter mastery is same as chapter diagnostic after remediation is completed
  • Test questions in Free-Response and Multiple Choice
  • Diagnostics lets student know the knowledge gaps and plan to master the gaps
  • All assessments are automatically graded and provides detail analysis

3. Performance and engagement reports

  • Students can see their running grades, score on each Test/Quiz
  • They can also see how time spent on each activity

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