Teacher Comments
Roosevelt Williams What I like mostly about Educosoft is it simplicity to the student. A student with not a lot of knowledge of mathematics can increase their skills with the use of Educosoft as well as an in-class teacher.
Escano, Elvin    Using The EDUCO System have made teaching math very productive.  It is extremely easy to use and extremely powerful to teach.  My students love it because, as per what they have said in class, i"t like having a teacher 24/7". 
Hill, Anthony       I can definitely tell the students who are doing the online assignments and going through the tutorials.  The way they speak about mathematics in class is really amazing to me.  Most of my students seem to enjoy the online assignments and being able to work on them outside of class really helps a lot.  
Rudranath Beharrysingh       I like the lecture notes/tutorials the most. I use them often to teach my classes, since without them I put the students and myself to sleep:) The other platforms do not offer any features that compare with this. The free response questions with powerful graphing capabilities are examples of features that put educosft a quantum leap above its competitors.
Furlough, Troy    Educo is as easy to understand as any other system I've worked with. It's effectiveness can be attributed to the unlimited practice available to students and the immediate feedback they get. The system allows me to engage students more in class as well as out of class. Students are positively impacted because they get the repetitions needed to master the skills.  
Meangru, Rudy       Educosoft is a powerful technological tool that is invaluable in dispensing a comprehensive learning environment for any type of students. Whether the students are ill-prepared or have a limited background in mathematics, the systems tutorial and assessment provides a rare opportunity for them to work at their own pace and beyond their classroom experience. It is a lot easier to navigate and manage the educosoft program. Many of the other platforms that I am have reviewed and seen are less superior that educosoft. Some of the features that are in educosoft are not available among the other platforms.